Employing Concept

   ANLI HR Policy

 Manufacture excellent products and cultivate excellent employees; construct benefit and destiny community of employees and enterprise, so that employees and enterprise can grow and develop jointly.

    ANLI People-oriented Philosophy


  Attach important to both “money capital” and “human capital”;

  Full employee understanding, care, respect, love, trust and sharing;

  Allow employees to be the source of creativity.

    ANLI View of Talent

  Our view of talent is to prefer and put in important position the employees who are aggressive, hardworking, competent and fruitful, give opportunity to those aggressive, provide stage for those competent, and offer position to those fruitful. Specifically, employees with the following characteristics will be preferred:

    ANLI Human Resources Management System

    Guiding ideology
    To be people-oriented, human resource is enterprise’s first resource。

    Two growth objectives
    ANLI is committed to “brain” and “pocket” growth of employees.

    Three kinds of wealth
    Create “intellectual, money and spiritual” wealth。

    Four concepts of employment
    Fair competition, merit-based selection。
    Comprehensive assessment of virtue, competency, diligence and skill.
    Delegate employees commensurate with their abilities, make the best use of talent。
    Performance-oriented, incentive and constraint

    Five projects
    Broad and diverse salaries and benefits project
    Excellent employee working environment project
    Employee quality enhancement project
    Employee career development planning project
    Employee care project

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